1. For every product which is complained about on account of the discrepancy between the product and the agreement made between the seller and the purchaser, 24 month guarantee is granted.
  2. The purchaser meets the expenses of the postage of the product complained about. After considering the complaint about the product it is sent back at the shop’s expense.
  3. If the complaint is acknowledged, the purchaser is entitled to the reimbursement of the postage expenses of the product complained about (the expense of Polish post office regular parcel) If the complaint is groundless, the seller is allowed to demand the coverage of the cost of sending the parcel by the purchaser. The grounds of the complaint are examined by the expert.
  4. The basis of accepting the complaint is the evidence of the purchase (tax receipt or VAT invoice)
  5. We accept only clean, aired shoes with the original evidence of the purchase in our shop.
  6. A complaint application must be submitted on clean legible form which can be downloaded form here
  7. The complaint will be considered and sent back in 14 days from the date of receiving the product at the shop address:
    Butyjana sp. z o.o.
    Zarzecze 65
    36-041 Boguchwała
  8. The differences arising form the individual properties of the purchaser’s computer settings (colour, proportions etc.) cannot be the basis of the complaint.
  9. Only the hidden defects of the shoes, which were not used, caused by producer’s fault can be the subject of complaint.
  10. The subjects of the complaint cannot be:
    1. The natural results of using the shoes,
    2. The shoes which have mechanical damage and damage arising from the lack of an appropriate preservation,
    3. The convenience of the shoes- the shoes which are not adjusted to the purchaser’s foot,
    4. The difference in colour, leather texture, foldings and ruffles caused by the natural process of using the shoes and natural properties of leather,
    5. The damage resulting form the use of the shoes contrary to their purpose.
  11. In the case when the product is inconsistent with the agreement the purchaser can demand:
    1. The restoration of the product to the condition stated in the agreement within the framework of the free-off charge repair
    2. if the repair is impossible or it requires excessive costs or if the seller will not manage to satisfy the demands in the right time, the product will be replaced for the new one.
    3. The parcels with enumerated products will be sent back via Polish post office regular parcel unless the client requests us to send the parcel at his expense.