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  1. In order to replace footwear you need to act on the following instructions:
  2. Put a note with information about the size of the shoes you need, the address on which you would like to get the shoes and 12,5 Euro for the return shipment. Inform us how You would like to have your order delivered, by the post or courier services. You can transfer the sum into the bank account or we can send the product back and You will be charged 12,5 Euro on delivery.
  3. To the parcel you have to attach the original evidence of the purchase (inside shoes cardboard box) because without the receipt or invoice the replacement is not possible for the accounting reasons.
  4. The new shoes are sent back immediately via a courier when we receive the parcel. The customer is informed via e-mail by the courier services about sending the parcel. The e-mail is sent in the evening.
  5. It is important that we do not replace shoes which show any signs of usage or which are damaged. The shoes should be sent back in their original packaging. Moreover, the original cardboard box must be warped up so the sticky tape cannot be stuck directly all over it. It may lead to the refusal of the replacement.
  6. There is no possibility to substitute the courier services to receive the parcel. We would be grateful if you send the parcel by the Polish post because it is the cheapest form of sending the parcels to an individual client who does not have an agreement with any courier services. The shipment should not be sand as a letter but as a post parcel.
  7. Address

JAN Katarzyna Bałdyga
Zarzecze 65
36-041 Boguchwała