Where Are the Original Puma Shoes Manufactured?

original Puma shoes how to know

Puma’s logo is as popular as it’s being counterfeited. However, thorough analysis of the purchased pair of shoes helps to verify, whether they’re original or faked. Brand’s characteristic feature is puma in the logo and this symbol is usually harmed by the counterfeiters. Stretched cat, giraffe or even a dog – you can literally find the whole zoo on the counterfeits of Puma. But take it easy – read the following article and we’ll tell you which details should draw your attention.

Where Are the Original Puma Shoes manufactured

How to Spot the Original Puma Shoes?

In the current Puma offer you’ll find numerous styles and colors. They are all combined by quality and diligence in performed details. But durability and comfort of the user have their price, therefore cheap Puma shoes from untrusted dealer should show a red flag for you. How to distinguish the originals from the counterfeits?

original puma shoes stitching

How to Recognize the Original Puma Box?

Box is the first thing that we deal with while buying shoes. Contact with the box without a logo or with a label informing about different pair of shoes than the one you find in the box, should make you alert.

original puma shoes box

Original Puma box was made of good quality cardboard, has the logo and symbols, which correspond with the shoes’ style that you bought.

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original puma box

Let’s analyze how do the original Puma boxes look like. Although they might differ depending on the style, some elements are the same, such as logo in left upper corner with a sticker.

original puma shoes box

Now, let’s focus on the sticker. The first line indicates the name of the product, in our case it’s Packer Next Cage. Right under it there is a color name (Birch-Pebble), which corresponds with the index from the tag inside the shoe. On the label there has to be a bar code, numbering with a signifying, whether the shoe is intended for an adult or children, what number it is in Great Britain, Europe, USA as well as liner’s length in cm. Under the bar code there has to be the country of manufacturing. The original Puma is manufactured in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh or Indonesia. Look at the original labels above: (Made in China, Made in Vietnam, Made in Bangladesh. (Attention: these are only the countries that the store has in its offer – generally there is more of them.)

original puma shoes box

Note the protective paper.

original puma box

Another important thing is the sticker inside the box. QA means ‘Quality Audit’ and gives you guarantee that your shoes were supervised by a person responsible for checking their quality.

Tag in the Real Puma Shoes

First step is to analyze the tag and verify, whether all of the information included corresponds with the label on the box. Numbering and liner’s length given in centimeters have be the same. Similarly, the country of manufacturing – in our case it’s Made in Vietnam.

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original puma shoes tag

First things first: at the beginning we have logo and British numbering, next European and American, the liner’s length in cm at the end. Next line is the country of manufacturing and shoe version number as well as index, which has to correspond to the sticker on the box. On the left side there is a dashed line made of hologram and a bar code at the bottom.

“Factory” is the only one that we didn’t cracked, so if you know what that means, let us know in comments!

How Do You Know that Logo in the Puma Shoes Is Original?

The original logo represents company’s name and the puma – not a cat, not a cheetah, jaguar, lion or wolf.

original puma shoes logo

The brand’s logo is always located on the liner, near the tongue and on it as well as at the back of the heel. In some shoe styles it’s located near the toes.

original puma shoes logo
original puma logo
original puma shoes logo

And of course it cannot be missed on the undersole.

original puma logo

Stitching in the Original Puma Shoes

Puma shoes are famous for precision of the performance, that’s why you should take a look at the stitching. They have to be regular and neat – at no circumstances can they be torn, ragged or irregular. Similarly, it’s worth analyzing the quality of the materials. The manufacturer carefully chooses only the highest quality materials, so the footwear would be durable and resistant to damage.

original puma shoes stitching

Colors of the Original Puma Shoes

Puma shoes are available in a specific range of colors. If you buy a new style, compare the color with the one described on the official website of the producer. The shoe designers don’t come up with new shades, but they use the color charts of printing companies, such as Pantone. Therefore, any suspicious shade should make you alert. For example, the style from the photo was made in Birch-Pebble color, which is identical with the index specified both on the sticker on the box and on the tag inside the shoe.

original puma shoes colors

There are a few methods to identify the original Puma footwear. Remember to always verify opinions about the dealer and analyze the product that you’ve bought.