What is the identification of eco-leather on shoes?

eco leather the symbol

Eco or genuine leather? That is the question. The choice of shoes may cause a little problem. They have to not only meet our expectations in terms of appearance and comfort. Its performance also has crucial meaning. One of the first phases is the choice of the material the shoes are made of. Among many eco-leather is one of the most popular option. How to recognize it? What is the identification of eco-leather on shoes? Here is everything you have to know.

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Eco-leather – how to spot eco-leather shoes?

While making a decision to purchase shoes you should pay attention not only if they’re comfortable and how they present on the leg, but also what they were made of. It will be particularly important if you care about products made of non-enzootic materials. How to recognize, whether the footwear was actually made of eco-leather? It will be indicated not only by the appearance, smell and features, but, above all, by characteristics markings.

eco leather identifications on shoes

Eco-leather – symbol on the footwear label

What does the eco-leather identification look like on shoes? A diamond – a characteristic sign that indicates using eco-leather in the shoe manufacture. It’s located on the label, small sticker on the inner upper or the outsole. It can also be an imprint on the inner part of the upper or tongue. The diamond indicates that the footwear was made of synthetic material, e.g. commonly called eco-leather, in whole or only in the part indicated on the label.

eco leather the symbol

Eco-leather – signs and information

Information contained on the sticker or label is divided into two groups. Symbols from the first group indicate the part of the shoe – top layer, inner part (lining and liner) and sole. The second group of signs indicate the material the particular part of the shoe was made of – genuine leather, coated leather, textile, synthetics. For example – the upper of the shoe from the picture above was made of the genuine and coated leather, the lining of the textile and the sole of the synthetics.

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Eco-leather falls into the last category. The diamond is its symbol. Eco-leather might be the basic outer material the shoes were made of or only an insert. Thin layer of eco-leather might be also used as the inner liner. If the diamond on the label is assigned to the sole, it means that the sole was made of synthetics as well as the rubber or caoutchouc.

eco leather shoes

Eco-leather – advantages

The footwear made of synthetics, including eco synthetics, is a perfect solution for everyone seeking an alternative for the genuine leather. Shoes made of synthetics are most of all cheaper and noticeably lighter. Moreover, they indistinguishably remind the one made of genuine leather. Additional advantage is how easily you can clean these shoes – all you have to do is wiping them with damp cloth or delicate cleaner.

Eco-leather – disadvantages

Unfortunately, eco-leather has not only advantages but also disadvantages. Shoes made of the synthetics may not be so comfortable as the one of genuine leather. Usually they fit to the foot not so easily, they don’t cooperate with it, which may cause scrapes and low comfort.  Additionally, the character of eco-leather limits the air flow in the shoe and the foot cannot freely breathe.