How to Spot if Your Vans Shoes Are Fake or Original?

original Vans Box

Shoes like Vans are the investment in quality, design and comfort of the user, that’s why you want to be sure that they are original, not fake. But how to do it, when you’ve already bought a new pair of shoes and you are suspicious of the reliability of their origin? Take it easy, we will give you a few tips, which will help you to recognize, whether you’ve purchased the original product.

Original Vans Box

How to Spot if Your Vans Shoes Are Fake or Original

Scan the Bar Code

The bar code located on the box will tell you the truth. The original packaging always has a label with size, country of manufacturing and its code (e.g. CLK – Made in Cambodia,) manufacturer’s index, original colouring of the model and bar code. You can scan the code with special applications, such as ShopSavvy or ScanLife, which recognize the originals and fakes.

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Original Vans Box

Check the Box – How Does the Original Label look like?

You’ll recognize decent shoes by a decent box. You should be led on the counterfeit’s trail by the way they’re packed. Check the box. The original one is distinguished by performance quality – it even has a locking mechanism. Another thing is the protective paper – you should see it right after opening the Vans box. If it’s not there, stay alert!

original vans label

It’s not just about checking whether your shoes have a label, but see how it looks like. Don’t the brand’s font and its logo look suspicious? Aren’t they unnaturally big or small?

vans original label

Where are the original Vans shoes manufactured, how does the original tag look like?

Check the information on the inside of your Vans tongue. It should not only exactly correspond with the information labeled on the box, but also indicate the country of manufacturing. Made in China, Made in Vietnam and Made in Cambodia – these are the signatures that you should find on the original models. You should find the size on the tag (in American, British and European numbering as well as the liner’s length in cm.)

original vans tongue

Trademarks in Vans

The real Vans shoes should have three trademarks: on the insole (solid, not fated logo,) small label outside of the shoe (depending on the style) and the logo on the sole placed at the heel. Check out the details, such as font and “V” letter with a characteristic extension. You can compare the trademarks with those in the Internet or the other pair of the original shoes.

original vans logo

Original Vans – quality of performance

Check out the quality of performance

Outside the box you should find a small QR sticker (Quality Check) with three, two or one letter. CLK, HF or R means country code, where your Vans were manufactured. Next, take your shoe and look at its outsole. So called “Waffle Code” print should imitate shapes of rhomboids and diamonds. There should be the same letter country code in one of the rhomboids, which corresponds to the sticker on the inside of the box. Knowing that, compare the information from the label with tag and QC. They are all identical in the original product.

van sole
vans sole

Stitching and Finishing

In the original Vans there is no place for imperfections, that’s why every double or irregular stitching should draw our attention.

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original vans stitching

Always Verify Opinions about The Dealer

Right before the purchase verify, whether the opinions about the vendor are positive. If you spot any information about trade in counterfeit goods or other buyers suspicions, start looking for a reliable dealer.

original vans

Check out if there is a rubber collar around the toes. This make the shoes last longer. The outsole should bend up slightly and the toes should be bendable in the same direction. Such profiling helps the foot fit in the shoe and make it comfortable to use.