How to identify genuine leather shoes?

Leather shoes – how to recognize

When you buy shoes you take many criteria into consideration and the quality is at the forefront, because it is usually identified with genuine leather. And now the question is, how to distinguish the genuine leather from the eco leather? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

How to conduct an investigation by your own to guide the owner of the newly purchased shoes to the genuine material they were made of? There are a few things that will tell you whether the shoes are made of genuine leather or maybe just faking it.

What identifications have leather shoes?

The first clue that you have to check are the identifications on the tag. Shoes made of the real leather have characteristic pictogram in a form of so called fur lining. Probably the producer described the leather in a written way, so look for the following terms on the tag: genuine, real or pure legitimo cuero. The term ‘manmade’ should make you alert since it refers to the synthetics leather. This is not over, the tag should also include elements of the shoe that were made of the leather, e.g. upper, inside or lining.

How to identify genuine leather shoes

You will spot the real leather shoes by the smell and touch

The leather has its inimitable smell, which cannot be counterfeited. Although it may seem weird, smelling shoes is a proven trick guiding to the material they were made of. Another way to examine the shoes using your senses is touching. The real leather is heavy, mellow and soft. It distinguishes by its rigidity as well as structure – it may be consistent and strung near the stitching, while eco leather looks consistent across the whole surface. Additionally, you can see characteristic pores. Bear in mind that the synthetic materials look like a textile covering the jersey, what you can see on its edge. No threads stand out of the real leather and on its inner side you may see marks of the hair.

leather shoes identification

Leather shoes – how to recognize them?

The real leather you may always spot by its behavior, that’s why you can carry out a few simple experiments. For instance dab a few water drops on the surface and you’ll see, how the material behaves. The natural one should soak them and some marks should be left, which will vanish after drying. Synthetic leather, on the other hand, doesn’t soak the liquid.

Leather shoes how to recognize

And of course the real leather has its price. It’s a precious material, so it costs. If your leather shoes seem to be suspiciously cheap, you might be dealing with a counterfeit.

Leather shoes how to recognize
Leather shoes how to recognize