How to Clean Brikenstocks?

How to Clean Brikenstocks

Last days of summer and coming autumn mean that it is necessary to say goodbye to your summer shoes. The heart may bleed and the eyes may water, but your favorite shoes have to go to the box and remain in wardrobe until the next season. But before that, they should be cleaned and at this moment all Birkenstock owners ask themselves one question: how to clean Birkenstocks footbed?

There’s no doubt that Birkenstocks are the most comfortable, practical and classic summer footwear ever. Wide range of colours and prints let choose shoe style matching to most outfits and contoured footbed makes it the first choice for people completing their holiday kit.

How to Clean Brikenstocks

Let’s stop at the footbed of Birks. Believe us – it simply deserves that. Just because its prototype was created 250 years ago. This is when Konrad Birkenstock constructed orthopedic footwear load, which helped not to strain the foot during motion. Within next years the footbed was technologically transformed, but its DNA, which consists of the user’s comfort, has never changed. The footbed fits to the natural foot position and arch support affects the whole poise. Its proper care will undoubtedly contribute to the long use of Brikenstocks.

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How to Clean Brikenstocks

How to Clean the Footbed in Brikenstocks?

The footbed is made of suede, which assures the foot proper microclimate and soft bed. Although it’s a durable and comfortable material, toes and foot marks cannot be hidden and it’s desirable to remove the dirt and smell, which are the remains after the season spent together. To do that you can use a few reliable methods. Before you use them, remember to undo the straps to make the task easier for you.

1. Suede brush

This small and inconspicuous brush is a must have for every person, who has at least one pair of Birks in wardrobe. With the surface made of rubber inserts you can get rid of the dirt of the shoes and footbed.

how to clean brikenstocks brush

2. Cosmetics

Suede shoes already have dedicated cosmetics. You can use them to remove the usage marks off your Birks. For example Coccine Power Cleaner removes grease and usage marks from the footwear.

how to clean birkenstocks cosmetics

3. Baking Soda

Universal baking soda comes back again. Combining it with water you’ll get an universal cleaning paste. You need only 2 teaspoons of water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda to create a cleaning paste for the dirt on Birks footbed. Apply the mixture on the footbed with a sponge or an old toothbrush and leave it for a night. In the morning wipe the surface off the footbed a few times with damped cloth. The last step it drying. Avoid sunny places, because sunlight could damage the cork sole and deprive the stripes of the colour. Soda will help you not only to remove the dirt but also the smell.

how to clean birkenstocks soda
how to clean birkenstocks soda

4. Soap

Soap and water solution meets expectations of people, who are seeking for a proper mixture cleaning Brikenstocks. Damp the cloth with the mixture and wipe the footbed until you receive the desired effect. Dry it exactly the same way as described above.

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how to clean birkenstocks soap

Finally, the issue that should be discussed at the beginning – namely prevention! Regular brushing of the footbed with the already mentioned brush or even damp sponge will help you to get rid of dirt. Pay attention where you keep your Birkenstocks. Although you cannot avoid exposing them on the sunlight while wearing them, you can protect them when you’re not using them (e.g. on the beach). It will prolong their durability and good looking as well as prevent from bacteria growth, which causes an unpleasant smell.