How Do You Know that Your New Balance Shoes Are Original?

How Do You Know that Your New Balance Shoes Are Original

New Balance brand has been working for a title of the producer of the legendary shoes since 1906 and today you can call it by its name. Sneakers with a characteristic ‘N’ aside determine not only trends, but also comfort and quality. But all of this has its price and it’s not only about the one you have to charge for a pair of shoes, but the fact that so red-hot shoes are often counterfeited.

Naturally, there are many people, who buy false New Balance shoes tempted by a lower price. However, they will understand soon that they’re made of low-quality materials and there’s no comfort using them. It’s worth knowing methods how to distinguish the originals from the counterfeits.

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How Do You Know that Your New Balance Shoes Are Original

First of all, let’s note that the dealer is the most important part. Online stores with suspicious opinions and without a store policy should make you press the cross to leave the page and look for a more reliable dealer. And when you’ll receive the package with the shoes, follow the rules.

How Do You Know that Your New Balance Shoes Are Original

How to Recognize the Original New Balance Box?

The first contact with a new pair of shoes ordered online starts with the box. Not with a shopping bag, but with a carboard box, where apart from a logo you can find specific information about the shoes. Look for all of the information on the label aside the box. Let’s analyze step by step what’s on it. In the left upper corner we have a shoe code, on the right a bar code. In the next line there are the numberings – they are listed in a specific order – USA, UK and EUR. There is also a shoe version name on the label.

original New Balance box
original new balance box

And on which details you should focus after opening the box? First of all shoes should be wrapped in a protective paper.

original new balance box

Next important detail is a round sticker, which proves that the specific pair of shoe have passed the quality control.

original new balance box
original new balance box

 Inside the box there should be a series of digits indicating the date of manufacture.

original new balance box

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Tag in the Original New Balance Shoes

All of the information from the label on the box has to correspond to the tag on the tongue. Apart from the code, numbering (US, UK, EU and in cm,) country of manufacture, in new versions you’ll find QR code, date of manufacture and brand’s logo.

original new balance shoes tag

If you have any doubts, whether the shoes are original, you can compare their serial code with the one on the manufacturer’s website.

Don’t get scared by Made in Vietnam information. New Balance brand, similarly as the other shoe manufacturers, has its own fabrics in Vietnam.

How to Spot the Original New Balance Shoes? Look at the logo

Original New Balance shoes have the logo on the outside. On the counterfeits you’ll find a mirror image of the letter ‘N’. In the original shoes it’s in the right place. In most of the versions logo is lined with a material in a different color, usually the same as the other details.

How Do You Know that Your New Balance Shoes Are Original

Stitching in New Balance Shoes as the Original Determinant

Due diligence of the stitching in a shoe may lead to their inauthentic origin. In the counterfeits the stitching will be sloppy and irregular – threads may overlap, come loose or be unaesthetically ragged.

original new balance shoes counter

What Distinguishes New Balance Shoes? Look at Their Counters

Original New Balance shoes have characteristic counters. They are made of durable material, which protects the trouble spots from quick overwearing. Brand’s logo is blocked on the counters and their color refers to the coloring of the specific shoe style.

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original new balance shoes counters

How Does the Sole in the Original New Balance Look Like?

New Balance shoes have original sole, which makes them differ from the other brands. First of all, its part overlaps on the front of the shoe. This protects the shoe from being unaesthetically worn down.

original New Balance - sole

What is more, the sole in New Balance shoes is usually two-color and the choice of shades corresponds with the coloring of the whole shoe. The joinings are neither adhesive nor unaesthetic. The whole should please the eye.

How Do You Know that Your New Balance Shoes Are Original

Remember that buying shoes, like New Balance, you pay for the high quality materials. They guarantee quality and comfort of the usage. Do you have New Balance shoes in your wardrobe? Share your opinion with us in the comments!